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Gackt Icons

The #1 Stop for Gackt related Icons!

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Welcome to Gackt Icons///

Welcome to a community dedicated to Gackt related livejournal icons! Here you can find icons of the great artist, Camui Gackt, or you can submit your own to the community. Feel free to join and post and to take part in the community.

Do note that this is a new community, so the member base will probably be small for awhile.

If for any reason the need arises, feel free to contact the maintainer at her e-mail address here.


As with almost any community, there are a few rules. It would be best you read and abide by these rules in order to keep the community in top shape!

Be Respectful: Please do not toss out any rude comments to any members about the icons they post. If you have nothing nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all, which should be common sense to just about anybody.
Cuts: Please use a cut whenever you are posting more than two icons at a time.
Adult Material: Please do not post adult material. If you MUST do so, please do so in a cut and warn everybody ahead of time so nobody will see things they don't want to see.
Advertising: You may advertise your community IF you are also posting icons. So, if you just advertise a community without any icons, then your post will be deleted.
Images: You may post any Gackt related images as well. Just scanned a photobook and want to share the photos with icon makers? Great! Feel free to do so!
Requests: You may ask for requests, however, please don't let it be all you do in this community.